International Beer Festival

February 12–17České Budějovice

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IBF & GBSA for the first time in Budweis!

IBF & GBSA for the first time in Budweis!

Bohemian International Beer Festival, which has been associated with the town of Tábor in the past quarter of a century, will be held for the first time in the South Bohemian metropolis of České Budějovice (Budweis) in a large brand new Hall T at the local Exhibition Grounds.

This is also where the traditional Gold Brewer's Seal Awards ceremony will take place.

Czech prestigious brewery tasting competitions, which used to be relatively modest events in the past, have, in recent years, grown to the extent that they now require a larger capacity and organizationally more stable and professional facilities.

The large area of the Exhibition Grounds will provide sufficient space for the event, as well as organizational support. It is not just about more convenient services, but also about a number of other practical details that will give participating breweries and other commercial partners of the festival the required standard and comfort.

Visitors of the festival will also note the benefits. The large area of Hall T will offer them a bigger selection of products and will allow them to taste a greater range of brands than they have been accustomed to so far.

Hall T is architecturally an attractive building with the area of 4541 m², with excellent transportation and wheelchair accessibility and convenient parking. It will open to the public on Thursday, February 4th and great beers will continue to flow deep into Saturday's night.

Tasting competitions will start on February 1st in Halls R1 and R2. All the GBS Awards 2016 winners will be awarded on February 6th in Hall T at the festive ceremony in the evening.

We will keep you informed about the upcoming event on our website.

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