GBSA 2016: Cider first time!

Until this year the prestigious GBS Awards has been intended for brewers exclusively. Other awards will be added to the existing ones this year. Gold Cider Seal Award will be distributed to the best producers in the category of refreshing fermented ciders. The contest will be open for a large variety of recipes for both, sparkling and still, sweetened and unsweetened drinks, fermented either by the French or British method.

You can register ciders categorized as Dry and Sweet, as well as ciders in subcategories of Perry, Ginger, Fruit, Herb & Spice, Hopped Single Varietal and Specialty.

The emergence of this award is the logical outcome of the interest and popularity cider has been gaining in Central Europe in recent years.

We expect not only breweries to be interested in participating, but also producers specializing directly and specifically in this type of production.