Golden Pheasant IBFB Grand Champion 2016

For the first time this year International Beer Festival Budweis has elected not only the best beer, but also the Brewery of the Year (IBFB Grand Champion). We granted points to all the finals positions: 10 points for gold, 7 for silver, 5 for bronze, 3 for the 4th place finish, 2 for the 5th place finish and one point for the 6th place finish.

The most successful collector of finals positions in the competitions of the Gold Brewer's Seal 2016 was Slovak Golden Pheasant (Heineken Slovakia, Hurbanovo). In addition to two gold seals it managed to win three more medals (1 silver, 2 bronze) and three other finals positions. The participation in 8 finals is an impressive result and a sign of a really high quality of the entire product range of this largest Slovak brewery. It also owes a significant part of its success to the British label Strongbow as well as the range of ciders of this label having a licensed production in Slovakia.

The follow-up awards have been distributed mostly among Czech breweries, especially Albrecht from Frydlant and Rakovnik Brewery.


  1. Golden Pheasant, Slovakia42 points
  2. Albrecht Frydlant, Czech Rep.32 points
  3. Rakovník, Czech Rep.31 points
  4. Staropramen, Czech Rep.29 points
  5. U Tří růží Praha, Czech Rep.28 points
  6. Litovel, Czech Rep.26 points
  7. Rožnov, Czech Rep.25 points
  8. Jílovice, Czech Rep.23 points
  9. Clock, Czech Rep.22 points
  10. Nymburk, Czech Rep.22 points

Albrecht (Frydlant Chateau Brewery) has become the most successful microbrewery of the year: 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 finals positions. That is an excellent result of the skilful brewers who re-established the tradition of the old Frydlant manorial brewery in North Bohemia and started brewing beer only one and a half years ago. Last year they left without a medal, this year they got the ball rolling ...

The results of other small brewery houses are also impressive: Clock Brewery from Potstejn not only managed to repeat its triumph from last year in the most prestigious category with the highest number of participants (IPA), but has also won a kind of a “double" winning the "classic Ale" this year. Jilovice has gained valuable gold in the category of Lager and then added icing on the cake in the form of the Major Prize - victory across categories. Roznov and The Three Roses (U Tri Ruzi) dominated stronger specials. Cassa from Kosice succeeded greatly in highly competitive categories.


  1. Albrecht Frýdlant, Czech Rep.32 points
  2. U Tří růží Praha, Czech Rep.28 points
  3. Rožnov, Czech Rep.25 points
  4. Jílovice, Czech Rep.23 points
  5. Clock, Czech Rep.22 points
  6. Cassa, Slovakia17 points
  7. Guri, Hungary17 points
  8. Stari, Hungary14,5 points
  9. Černý Orel, Czech Rep.13 points
  10. Zvíkov, Czech Rep.13 points
  11. Antoš, Czech Rep.13 points

Heineken Holding has achieved a landslide victory this year as the most successful brewing group. Its brands Golden Pheasant, Karlovacko, Krusovice, Breznak and Starobrno have won the total of 4 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze medals and 6 other finals positions.

The international competition at the gold seals event has again grown significantly not only in quantity, but also in quality. Among the international participants, besides Slovak representatives (Golden Pheasant, Cassa Brewery), German Mahr's Bräu with two gold medals has made itself a lot more visible. Microbreweries from Hungary (this time especially Guri Brewery and Stari Brewery) have been able to repeat (and even slightly improve) its achievements from last year. Polish Perla has been doing well repeatedly at the gold seals. On the other hand, for the first time ever Croatian Karlovacko, Russian One Ton and Velka Morava scored heavily in South Bohemia. A number of foreign participants have remained behind the medal positions such as Austrian Gusswerk (4th place in the category of Stout & Porter), Russian Trehsosensky (4th place in the category of Strong Pale Beer), or German Waldhaus (4th place among light beers).

The most successful foreign breweries:

  1. Golden Pheasant, Slovakia42 points
  2. Mahr’s Bräu, Germany20 points
  3. Cassa, Slovakia17 points
  4. Guri, Hungary17 points
  5. Stari, Hungary14,5 points
  6. Perła, Poland12 points
  7. Karlovačko, Croatia12 points

The category with the highest number of competing beers:

India Pale Ale: 84 beers
(vítěz: Pivovar Clock)
Světlý ležák Premium z minipivovaru: 65 beers
(vítěz: Pivovar Popelín)
Světlý ležák z minipivovaru: 64 beers
(vítěz: Pivovar Jílovice)
Světlý speciál z minipivovaru: 62 beers
(vítěz: Rožnovský pivovar)
Světlý ležák Premium: 57 beers
(vítěz: Černovar / Tradiční pivovar v Rakovníku)
Ale: 55 beers
(vítěz: Pivovar Clock)