The Best from America

At the 2014 US Open Beer Championship in Atlanta (Georgia) the boys from Wormtown Brewery experienced something comparable to the resounding triumph of the American Hockey students at the Olympics in Lake Placid in 1980, and their famous victory over the seemingly invincible Soviet hockey machine, led by coach Tikhonov.

They arrived in Atlanta as outsiders, a micro-brewery from Worchester (Massachusetts) with an annual production of 3,000 barrels, and left the contest as Grand National Champion and the overall winner of the Championship, defeating 1,500 competitors from all over the world, the majority of which being much larger and more reputable breweries.

Wormtown Brewery managed to win 3 very prestigious categories (Imperial IPA, American IPA and French / Belgian Ale) and on top of that they added a silver medal in the French / Belgian Saison category.

Their flagship product is a top-fermented beer called Be Hoppy IPA which they also send to the Gold Brewer's Seal in České Budějovice. In BeerAdvocate rating, this beer has an impressive score of 94 points (out of a possible 100).

Their other Pale Ales are also worthy of respect: Hopulence (American Double / Imperial IPA), winning Be Hoppier (American IPA), Bottle Rocket Pale Ale, winning Biere de Miele (Belgian Pale Ale) or Blonde Cougar (American Blonde Ale).

To a considerable extent, Wormtown Brewery also brews Stouts: Sweet Tat's Breakfast Stout (Oatmeal), Ludmilla (Russian Imperial Stout) or Norm Chocolate Coconut...